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West Coast Mazda – Alec’s Story

Alec Temple test drove just about every vehicle in that class. there were some very specific needs he has in the car he was going to buy. Every once and awhile he needed to be able to straighten his left leg and the Mazda is the only brand that allows him to do that. He needed to be able to slide in and out of the car easily.

He loves the back-up camera, parked between 2 cars it sees what is coming on either side before he does. Once he had decided that Mazda was going to be the car, it was just a matter of finding out which Mazda vehicle I would want. The staff here was extremely good at helping him find the car, it felt like family.

The best mocha in Maple Ridge comes out of their coffee machine. He comes to West Coast Mazda twice a week in the morning to get his coffee.

“I would and do recommend them to anyone.” he said!

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