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Meet Uwe

Uwe; Master Technician for West Coast Mazda says “the great thing about Mazda is that the mechanics know the vehicles”. If you are a mechanic for an extended period of time for the same manufacturer you know the car inside and out. You know that at certain kilometers certain things need to be changed. When you come for an oil change we already know what to look for.

We know about the MSP (Manufacturer Special Program) and the SSP (Service Special Program) that customers do not get letters for. Those are an internal company thing that only Mazda dealers are aware of. The OEM parts are specifically made by Mazda for Mazda. They will guarantee parts and labour for a year on their parts. Sometimes you go to places and it doesn’t cost as much because the mechanic are not trained to know a Mazda vehicle.

Come see Uwe at West Coast Mazda and you will know your vehicle is in good hands.