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2017 Mazda 3 Sport

I Love Mazda, There Is No Other Choice!

Hi, I’m Laulie. I bought a 2017 Mazda 3 Sport. It’s not my first one. It’s my second one, and before that, I had a Miata, so I’m a Mazda person, but I love the Mazda 3 Sport. It’s just the right size for me. I have my mother that has a walker it’s comfortable for her.

There’s room in the vehicle for that, plus groceries. And I travel frequently, so there’s enough room for at least three pieces of luggage in there, which is important to me. And it just–It runs well. It works well. It’s unbelievably comfortable, and the 2017 is much more efficient on gas than my other Mazda 3 Sport, so I’m thrilled with it.

Anthony was fantastic, and I gave him a great review. And he was wonderful. He answered all my questions, kept in touch with me and ordered the car of my choice, so I was very happy about that. And it came in much sooner than I thought it would and if anybody needs a good, reliable dealership, this is the place to go, and this is the young man to see. And if you want a good car, I love the Mazda, I mean, there’s no other choice.


Zeljka and Bruce drove out from Vancouver to pick up their all new 2017 Mazda 3 Sport! After communicating with Raymon over email, they chose to purchase at West Coast Mazda based on our great pricing and the high level of service offered. Congratulations to you both from Raymon and the rest of the West Coast Mazda team. Zoom Zoom!


Lisa Loves Her New Sporty Mazda 3!


Here is Lisa, Mark and the boys picking up their brand new 2017 Mazda 3 Sport. She opted for our sporty 6 speed manual and will also take advantage of Mazda’s active safety equipment such as blind spot monitoring and smart city brake support. There’s no compromise between safety and performance here. Congratulations again and welcome to the West Coast Family.


Lolly’s Moving On Up to a Brand New Mazda 3!


Here is Lolly picking up her brand new 2017 Mazda 3 Sport. This is Lolly’s third Mazda. It was time to upgrade to Mazda’s SkyActiv technology which will now give her increased performance, efficiency and safety. Not to mention all the technology upgrades from her precious generation vehicle. Congratulations again.


Suzan Loves Her New Sportier Ride!


Here is Suzan picking up her brand new 2017 Mazda 3 Sport. After comparing the competition, nothing quite stacked up. Suzan opt to get the 6 speed manual transmission which will give her a sportier ride that she was after. Congratulations again and welcome to the West Coast family.


Maria Goes For Updated Luxury and Performance!


Here is Maria picking up her brand new 2017 Mazda 3 Sport. Maria’s lease currently came up on her Toyota Matrix and wanted the versatility of a hatch but also wanted a vehicle that would give her updated luxury and performance. The Mazda 3 was the perfect fit. Welcome to the Mazda family.


Sandeep Gets His First New Mazda!


Here is Sandeep picking up his brand new 2017 Mazda 3 Sport. This is his first brand new vehicle and he came saw us all the way from Delta as he was assured the process would be painless. Congratulations again and welcome to the West Coast Family.