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They re-ignited the passion in me: owning a second Mazda!

Thank YouI had owned a Miata previous to my purchase of the Mazda 3 at West Coast Mazda. Reason for owning a second Mazda is due to the service I had received from Radford Winters and Jose Aguirre in the service department. These two service representatives work as if it is their first day on the job: service with a smile, bringing passion to their jobs, conduct themselves in a professional manner balanced with an informal yet personal approach. They demonstrate product knowledge and care for the customers’ needs. They listen to my issues and provide detailed communication at their earliest convenience. They clearly have a love, enthusiasm and passion for Mazda as well as servicing their clients. I definitely look forward to having their continued support to take care of my new Mazda 3. Thank you Radford and Jose. Mazda Canada is fortunate to have these two valued Mazda representatives. They re-ignited the passion in me: owning a second Mazda!

Sincerely, Patrica Lee

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