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Highly Satisfying Customer Service Keeps the Albright’s Coming Back!

Dear Ms. Leo,

I am writing to express my appreciation for the service team at your Pitt Meadows West Coast Mazda site.

My wife, Cynthia, and I have been happy Mazda owners since 2004 when we bought our first Mazda 3 which served us very well for 10 years. Over that time, we built up a satisfying relationship with many of the service staff at Mazda, but especially with Mr. Jose Aguirre. Our car was consistently ready when promised, the service performed was exemplary and we never had to return for adjustments, and the team’s attitude was professional, friendly, and courteous.

In 2014, when we decided it was time to buy a new car, our satisfaction with Mazda service was the deciding factor in buying another Mazda, and this time we upgraded to a top of the line Mazda 3 with all the trim. Again, the service has been exemplary, but one item stands out for us. Just after our warranty expired, the seat warmers stopped working and it was a few weeks more before I could get the car in for diagnosis. As it turned out, there was a significant problem that could have been expensive to fix. Another company and another service manager might have sympathized and then said there was nothing he or she could do as the warranty had run out. We wondered if we had made a mistake buying a more technologically sophisticated vehicle with “more things that could go wrong.” However, Mr. Aguirre said he’d see if there was a way to reduce some of the costs of the repair. I was stopped in my tracks when I returned later (the car was ready right on time) and was told that that there would be no charge for the repair. It’s interesting how one feels a stronger connection grow at these times. I appreciate Mr. Aguirre’s actions on our behalf; we also strongly appreciate West Coast Auto Group’s choice to stand behind their products and to reward customer loyalty. It cost Mazda some money, but the good will it generated has increased our enjoyment of driving a car we love and underlines that we made the right choice in buying another, even more advanced Mazda. The chances are quite strong that our next car, too will be a Mazda. Naturally, we talk up the high quality of service with our friends (though we do not tell them they should expect “a free repair” as every situation is unique).

Thank you for thirteen years of happy driving – and highly satisfying customer service. Congratulations on creating and fostering such a successful service team.

Best wishes for Mazda’s continued success.


Andrew and Cynthia Albright

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