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Mazda Unlimited Warranty

Mazda Unlimited | A Warranty for Today’s Drivers

You don’t have to watch the odometer on your Mazda vehicle as closely now  thanks to the Mazda Unlimited Mileage Warranty. All vehicles 2015 and newer now have warranty coverage for the length of the warranty regardless of mileage.

Mazda recently announced the change that impacts all aspects of the warranty, except for the Emissions Defect Warranty, which remains at 8 years or 128,000 km. All other portions are for the length of the warranty with unlimited mileage. For instance, the Powertrain Warranty provides coverage is for 7 years just like before but without the limitations of 100,000 km.


This new coverage is applicable to drivers whether they bought or lease their vehicles. It is also in effect if they drive in the US or if they added new OEM parts or accessories on their vehicles at the time of purchase. Even if you bought or leased your vehicle before the new warranty coverage was in effect, your 2015 vehicle is covered.

Mazda Unlimited is just another way that Mazda stands out from the crowd. If you appreciate the reliability of Mazda vehicles and want to know more about the warranty or to test drive a 2015 model, stop by West Coast Mazda.

Brad Hansen
Sales Manager
West Coast Mazda

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