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West Coast Mazda | New Mazda Warranty

Now that you have purchased your new vehicle, it is time to take a look at how to protect your investment. One of these important features is your warranty and the program’s details. Knowing what is covered and not covered is important. We at West Coast Mazda are here to help you better understand your coverage.


Your basic warranty coverage is for 36 months or 80,000 kms. The exclusion to this is for the B-Series, which has a basic warranty for 36 months or 60,000 kilometres. A powertrain warranty provides coverage to the engine and components for five years or 100,000 kilometres.

The great thing about the Mazda warranty coverage is that you get a 12 month warranty coverage which includes minor adjustments such as wheel alignment and fitting the hood, doors, or trunk.

It is important to know about any exclusions or limitations that may void your warranty. This includes any modification made to the vehicle that may change its performance. Before making any alterations, you should always talk to your dealer to determine if they will void the warranty.

Come into West Coast Mazda today and have a chat with one of the sales representatives today to ensure you have a full understanding of your warranty coverage.

Brad Hansen

West Coast Mazda


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