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Teddy comments about Mazda’s Warranty

From Facebook:

“It IS impressive. I only needed it once but I was so happy to have it. You guys saved the day for me. I was stuck in traffic downtown Vancouver during the Sun Run 3 years ago when the pump for my steering wheel fluid broke. I used all the power I had to steer the car to a nearby loading area and called ICBC right away.

When they told me they couldn’t do anything for me, I started to panic. So I called my dealership. Or should I say “your” dealership. I thought you wouldn’t be able to help me because I was so far from Maple Ridge. But within 2 hours, a tow truck came to pick up the car (the traffic that day was unbelievable), brought it all the way to Maple Ridge, you guys fixed it and I was able to pick it up in 2 days.

It was a great experience. So thank you! Keep up the great customer service too. I have moved three times since I bought my Mazda from you, but one thing I am not changing is dealerships. I still keep coming to Maple Ridge no matter how far I live. ”

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