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2018 Mazda3 Sport GT

Roy Takes Home His Mazda3 Sport GT

Roy is super happy to be picking up his 4th Mazda, a 2018 Mazda3 Sport GT Premium, from West Coast Mazda. With the help of Roy’s salesperson Anthony Basile, Roy was able to take advantage of our loyalty program and no hassle pricing, not to mention the overall lower cost of owning a Mazda vehicle.  Congratulations again! Zoom zoom!


Tiffany Styles Up in Her Mazda3 Sport GT

Tiffany and her husband are happy to be picking up her brand new fully loaded 2018 Mazda3 Sport GT from Anthony Basile. Tiffany is no stranger to the Mazda brand and has just upgraded from her 2007 model. Tiffany will now gain many new premium features as well as SKYACTIV technology giving her increased safety and performance. Congratulations again and enjoy your new Mazda! Zoom Zoom!


2018 Mazda3 Sport GT Review

2018 Mazda3 Sport GT | Redefining Experiences

Begin and end each journey in style with the attractive 2018 Mazda3 Sport GT. Through a sleek four-door exterior and spacious seating for up to five individuals, this model emerges as the go-to option for reliable and efficient performance. [continue reading…]