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Passionate About Mazda

West Coast Mazda is off to a great start this year. Most of our customers that come in have been referred by friends and family. Mazda is made for people who are passionate about driving. When you buy a car from West Coast Mazda they are also passionate about the cars they sell. “Any brand can do what we are doing, but they are not willing too. Mazda is the only brand that is building cars with a purpose. No one builds a bad car these days but I don’t think there is a brand out there building with as much passion as Mazda” said Brad Hansen, General Sales Manager.

West Coast Mazda adopted a slogan 2 years ago “A Better Place to Buy a Car” and that really is more than a slogan. We really do believe that when a customer comes here it is fun and laid back. Some people come in here looking for the fight but we are here to give you an easy and better car buying experience. All of the people that work here are passionate about what they do.

West Coast Mazda is willing to give a good deal without you having to fight for it. The nice thing about Mazda is that there is so much money to go around. Every dealer from here to Newfoundland pays the same for a vehicle. With that being said it is easy to say “this is a good price”. If you want our best price there is no fight. We really do value the work that a consumer has done on their own. We do that we have to do to make the process easier.

If you are looking for a passionate car buying experience West Coast Mazda is a better place to buy a car.

Sales Team

West Coast Mazda

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