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Mazda G-Vectoring Control

Mazda G-Vectoring Control (GVC) is an exclusive software system that has been eight years in the making. There is no mechanical hardware to this system; the software alone reduces torque when turning into a corner, and when in a middle of a corner it senses steering angle and speed to reduce torque accordingly for optimal corner handling.


The GVC algorithms are designed to provide the optimal torque management when cornering for the ultimate handling control for excellent performance. G-Vectoring Control delivers sharper turning, less steering correction and a better off-centre feel. It is very intricate and subtle technology that makes a noticeable difference and sets Mazda apart regarding innovative driving performance.

To learn more about Mazda’s G-Vector Control technology, please visit or contact West Coast Mazda in Pitt Meadows, BC. Our friendly team at West Coast Mazda are passionate and knowledgeable about all of the new innovative technology that goes into each Mazda model!

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West Coast Mazda

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