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Why buy a new car from West Coast Mazda?

Why buy a car from West Coast Mazda?


There are many choices when it comes to buying a new car. Brad Hansen, provides insight into why it benefits you to buy a new car from West Coast Mazda.

“Pricing hasn’t really increased in the last 10 years. It has been the equipment that has increased but not the cost,” said Brad. Today you are getting more features for the same amount of money that you paid years ago.

The automotive industry isn’t like the real estate industry, Which makes owning a new car much more affordable than people think. “10 years ago 0% financing wasn’t available anywhere. Mazda has 0% on just about every car line with 3 to 7 years of free financing,” said Brad.

Another element which has changed over the years is the use of the internet. The staff at West Coast Mazda has grown up in this new internet driven industry. “The internet has changed the business, they respect that,” said Brad. “We make it an easy process.”

“We have a lot of respect for modern car business and how it has changed. People are very well researched. They have narrowed it down. They know the brand and car before setting foot into a dealership.”

An added benefit is that West Coast Mazda always has sales going on. January is a good time to buy because they are clearing out 2012 vehicles which are up to $7,000 off. There are also 2013 sizeable rebates. “Mazda is great for offering deals, everything is on sale these days,” said Brad.

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