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Video Testimonial from a Happy West Coast Mazda Customer

It’s been great! From the time I made the call to picking up the car, I was taken care of. What I asked for happened and it all worked out really well. No issues, easy and pleasant to deal with. It was amazingly quick to bring the car here and back for maintenance. They even had an insurance broker on site. 

A good friend of mine is the neighbour of the owner of West Coast Mazda. I mentioned to my friend that I was going to buy a car and my neighbour grabbed Scott as he was going to Kelowna, gave him my information, and within a few hours, I got a message from him asking what kind of car I was looking for. He put me in contact with one of his Mazda guys and within 45 minutes, someone from Mazda called me.

Another friend saw that I bought a new SUV and mentioned that his sister was looking for one too. I told them to visit these guys. They were great.

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