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The Mazda i-Eloop Technology

When it comes to being smart, the i-Eloop Technology by Mazda is a straight A student. This is a braking system which continuously recovers kinetic energy as the vehicle decelerates and reuses it as electricity. This electricity is stored to be used later.

There are three stages to i-Eloop: regeneration, storage and use. What makes the Mazda system stand out is that is utilizes variable voltage alternator and low-resistance, high-capacity electric double layer capacitor (EDLC). Conventional alternators charge at around 12 volts (V), however i-Eloop’s variable voltage alternator can vary its output voltage from 12 V to 25V in response to the voltage level of the capacitor and making it possible to continually supply electricity to the capacitor.

The Mazda i-Eloop Technology offers regenerative braking technology offers the perfect balance between the accelerator being on and off to create an engine which is relieved from the task of producing electricity.

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