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2016 Mazda5

Suzette Gets the Perfect Fit!


Here is Suzette picking up her brand new 2016 Mazda 5. Suzette was driving her Ford Taurus wagon for 15 years and needed a vehicle that gave her versatility for all her art work. The Mazda 5 was the perfect fit as it met all her needs and gave her double the efficiency of her old vehicle. Welcome to the Mazda family.


Gil Is Back for His 4th Mazda at West Coast Mazda!

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Here is Gil picking up his new Mazda 5. Him and his wife now have 4 Mazda’s from us. They needed a bit more room to haul there grand kids around and this was the perfect choice. Gil was originally going to trade in his 2006 B2300 pickup and in the end couldn’t part with it so now has both 🙂



2016 Mazda5 Review

2016 Mazda5 | Bring Style To Functionality

2016 Mazda5 Exterior Side View

Take on the road in the sleek and sporty 2016 Mazda5, with four doors and spacious seating for up to six passengers. You are given the opportunity to experience the versatility normally found on larger vehicles, with improved agility and fuel economy. The available trim levels include the GS and the GT, giving you the option to customize your vehicle to suit your needs and preferences. [continue reading…]