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2016 Mazda3 GS

Sporty is a Must for Cathy!

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Here is Cathy picking up her brand new 2016 Mazda 3 GS. She was after a efficient vehicle but didn’t want to compromise on the sporty drive. After comparing the competition, the Mazda3 was the clear winner. Congratulations Cathy!


2016 Mazda3 GS Review

2016 Mazda3 GS | Redefining Performance

2016 Mazda3 GS Exterior Front End

Change the game with the 2016 Mazda3 GS and its innovative and intuitive design. You are given an aerodynamic body structure and smooth acceleration for a holistic approach to efficient driving. With four doors and seating for up to five people, this versatile design is able to offeryou flexible solutions to every day’s routine. [continue reading…]