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SKYACTIV Technology

The Future is Here: SKYACTIV Technology

Say hello to the new and improved Mazda brand: SKYACTIV. This is a new way to look at vehicles. This system combines fuel economy and performance in harmony. This means SKYACTIV vehicles have even better fuel consumption and emissions without compromising driving performance. The team at West Coast Mazda is excited about this new development.

Mazda reached this level by reengineering every major component of the automobile to work together. They started from the wheels up and have done things that other manufacturers haven’t even thought of yet. The frames are lighter, the engines are more efficient and the transmissions are smoother.

“Mazda’s extensive SkyActiv technologies are very impressive, especially in a vehicle that starts under $20,000, and they’re only going to improve as they roll into other models.”—Jil McIntosh – Wheels.ca

Want more out of your next car. Look for the SKYACTIV branding and see how it compares. You will be blown away by how much SKYACTIV Mazda vehicles are giving for such a low price. Stop by West Coast Mazda and experience the difference.

Sales Team

West Coast Mazda

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