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PurifyD | Protecting You From Harmful Bacteria On The Go


Driving in a safe environment has always been a top priority. This desire for protection has established a system of safety features and technology that sets out to guard us on the road in the form of safety belts, airbags and vehicle monitoring systems. The next step in securing a harm-free driving environment is to consider the potential harm that can come from the bacteria that may be forming in your vehicle. PurifyD was developed by Sandia Labs, America’s premier governmental R&D laboratory, and it offers a solution to the potential hazards growing right underneath your nose.

The PurifyD treatment program is able to ensure that your family is safe from exposure to these harmful pathogens. Over the last 21 years, PurifyD has undergone research and development to create PurifyD, featuring D7. This formula is the world’s most effective, safe, anti-microbial disinfectant and chemical decontaminant as it is able to rid of 99.99999% of harmful germs and infectious and odor causing bacteria. Driving produces many vegetative and non-vegetative mold spores, mildew and pollen though activities such as eating, drinking, smoking, and having pets. PurifyD’s formula is able to neutralize the odor producing germs that are associated with these daily routines. Unlike many other strong germ-killing solutions, PurifyD is a safe for you and your family to be in contact with. It is EPS and DIN registered, and is more effective than household bleach. PurifyD is now being made available commercially for the first time.

The potential for bacteria in your vehicle is high as there are many places that can contribute to their growth. A vehicle’s heating and air conditioning system is a damp environment, which offers the perfect breeding ground for millions of bacteria, mold, mildew and odors. These microorganisms may be harmful to your health and can reduce your vehicle’s trade-in or resale value. Through contact with the outside world, we are exposed to harmful germs and bacteria everyday, but through a consistent contact with our vehicles, we maybe introducing these germs to their new home. Harmful bacteria such as E.Coli and Salmonella can survive in a vehicle for up to a month, exposing us to them over and over again as we commute. PurifyD helps to fight against this to give you peace of mind as you drive.

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About PurifyD

  • They hold a passion for creating solutions that protect us to help make the world a safer world.
  • PurifyD is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and not harmful to people or animals.
  • There is no other system on this planet other than PurifyD with D7 that can protect us from germs and bacteria as effectively.
  • For over a decade, the United States military, the CIS, FBI and other authorities have used PurifyD with D7 to fight against bacteria, viruses, spores, molds, and fungi to promote health and well-being.

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