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NanoCrystal | Keeping the Shine in Your Vehicle

When you buy a brand new vehicle, one of the features you can choose is the paint colour. You select your favourite and drive it home, where it makes a big impression sitting in your driveway. Over time that paint can dull and fade, and even chip and crack, leaving a less than impressive appearance. Prevent this with the latest paint technology to keep your vehicle looking brand new, available at West Coast Mazda.

NanoCrystal is a paint protection system that is unlike anything else on the market. With an environmental protection guarantee of ten years, your vehicle will continue to hold its value. The system uses nano-molecules to provide a complete barrier to the paint on your automobile. It provides protection from ultraviolet rays, corrosive chemicals, insects and other environmental factors that damage your vehicle’s paint.

The system is designed to keep your sports car, sedan, truck or SUV looking like new. When it comes time to trade in the vehicle or sell it, the value will be higher. This transparent coating bonds to the paint to prevent access by even the tiniest pollutants.

If you are planning to buy a new vehicle, you owe it to yourself to consider NanoCrystal protection. Make your car or truck look fabulous while you own it, and ensure it brings a good price when it is time for replacement. Talk to the friendly staff at West Coast Mazda about this revolutionary system when you are ready to drive home your next new automobile.

Brad Hansen
West Coast Mazda

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