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Anthony from West Coast Mazda Was Fantastic!

My name is Cathy Bunting. I came to Mazda. I’ve been a previous Mazda owner for many, many years and I thought I was going to buy the CX-5, walked away with the Mazda6.

Anthony? Fantastic! I would recommend him to anybody, so, I had actually met him before. I was kind of shopping earlier, and I did deal with him and then, when we finally made the decision, then we came in and arranged to meet with Anthony, and he made the experience just seamless. What do you want, what colour, What do you need? And, yeah, he was great.

So we’ve had a couple of little hiccups, but not with on the sales part, I’d recommend Anthony to anyone. The service, the mechanics–fantastic. Great to you, knowledgeable yeah, but I’ve been dealing with Linda, and she’ll deal with it, so it’s all good.

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