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A Nice Relaxed Experience Happens at West Coast Mazda

My name is Grace Jones, and I bought a 2016 Mazda CX-5, and for myself, the reason I purchased the vehicle was well, a couple of things.

My parents are aging, so the vehicle I had previously was two doors so this has four doors, so that’s awesome asset and I just needed something that was more up to date and reliable in a sense because my previous car was a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport, so that type of thing, yeah. Well, actually, we’ve been kind of like looking around between different vehicles and my husband does a lot of bike riding around town, so he actually coasted through the lot and came across a couple of vehicles, so we just basically took a Sunday drive and came.

I thought it was great because I’m not one that likes to come to car lots. He was very professional with regards to letting us look at the different vehicles, leaving us to discuss it and then, basically, offering us to take a test drive, and that’s we did and brought it back.

It was great from start to finish with regards to the experience of looking at the vehicle. Taking it out, bringing it back, and dealing with the sales person, and also, with the individual that I dealt with for the actual finance aspect of it, so it was just an all-around, very enjoyable and not like anxiety type of situation, right? I felt really nice and relaxed.

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