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2013 Mazda2 Review

Fun and Affordable: 2013 Mazda2

The 2013 Mazda2 is the perfect choice for those who are looking for an affordable modern car. It has outstanding performance and spunky styling.

The cabin of the 2013 Mazda2 is versatile and well styled. It comes with air conditioning, tilt steering wheel, cup holders and internal fuel door release.

The outer appearance of the 2013 Mazda2 is edgy thanks to body-coloured front and rear bumpers, black door handles, black exterior mirrors and 15” steeling wheel with full wheel covers.

Your heart will race when you drive the 2013 Mazda2. It hugs corners, has great fuel economy and accelerates with little pressure.

2013 Engine:

  • 1.5L 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve: 100 horsepower and 98 lb-ft of torque

“…the Mazda2 brings style, economy and fun to buyers who think that affordable small cars like the Honda Civic are just too big.” – U.S. News. There is no better choice for someone who is looking for a modern car.

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